Mapper API

All properties and methods are prefixed with _ to avoid polluting the namespace for your public fields.

class Mapper(obj=None, **kwargs)

A dict of (name: field) for all fields on this mapper.


A list of field names on this mapper.


Returns a dict containing all the field values on the currently bound object.

_clean(data, full=True)

Allows whole-object validation.

Should update self._errors dict with any new validation errors.

The full flag indicates if this is an _apply (True) or _patch (False) cycle.


Update all properties on this mapper supplied from the dict data.

Any omitted fields will be skipped entirely.


Update all properties on this mapper fron the dict data.

If a field is marked as required it must have either a value provided, or a default specified.

All ValidationErrors raised by fields and their filters will be collected in a single ValidationError. You can access this dict via the exception’s error_dict property.